Beehiiv done for you.

Go from "I want a newsletter" to sending your first email—without worrying about settings or fonts or layouts.

Join my email list to get free newsletter tips & ideas. This is the same list all my clients are on—and you can enjoy it free.

You'll also have the power to contact me anytime simply by replying to my emails.

Free newsletter tips & ideas (plus ask me anything, anytime.)

"Super focused, timely and delivered quickly. I particularly appreciate the fact that he listened very closely to what we needed, made professional recommendations and delivered immediately. We are planning to hire him again."

Keith Fitz-Gerald

Principal @ The Fitz-Gerald Group

Newsletters I've worked on

Here are some newsletter's I've worked on (or set up entirely.) Their owners were kind enough to let me display them here :)

"Samuel was a great person to work with. He offered a package that was exactly what I was looking for. He executed well, followed instructions perfectly, and provided his expertise when needed. At certain points while he was developing my newsletter, I caught myself saying "yesssss" because he perfectly understood what I was looking to create. I would highly recommend hiring Samuel if you're looking for someone to develop your newsletter and offer support."

Veronica Lopez

Founder @ AI RULES

What you get when you work with me

You pay my standard fee of $499, then I handle your entire Beehiiv setup. All you have to do is provide your branding/logo and a sample of your content.


Newsletter Template

A complete newsletter template designed to fit your content, using your brand style. Your newsletter will be clear and easy for people to read.


Welcome Email

Your welcome email is iimportant—it's what introduces people to your newsletter. You'll get a welcome email designed to keep your newsletter out of spam.


Landing Page

You get a simple, functional landing page, built in Beehiiv's landing page builder, designed to get people to sign up to your newsletter.



Your homepage is where your posts appear online. Beehiiv allows different levels of customization depending on the plan you're using.


Paid Tier

If your newsletter is a two-tier design, with both free and paid versions, then you get a landing page and additional setup for your paid tier too.



I handle all the tiny settings that suck up so much time. Popups, colors, headings, fonts, spacing, layout, background colors, logos, and lots more.

"Sam was a Beehiiv expert! He knew exactly what was needed and executed on it quickly! If you're on Beehiiv, you need to hire Sam!"

Ethan Richardson

Founder @ Watch Bites

Why your newsletter needs me.

Beehiiv's not that hard, right? I can just set up my own newsletter.

Yes you can.

But'll you'll spend days getting everything set up.

Entering your landing page copy.

Making sure it's not ugly.

Crafting a template to fit your content and make it flow.

Typing out your welcome email.

Figuring out how to use Beehiiv by trial-and-error.

Learning by making mistakes.


Spend your time working on the important part, the content. Let me handle the nitty-gritty setup.

Isn't your price a bit much? I can probably find someone to do this for less.

My entire service is extensive.

Not only do you get a high-quality landing page, welcome email, and template.

Not only are you getting your publication and account all set up.

But you're also getting quick communication. A template that makes your content better and easier to read.

I even stay in touch with you long afterward—you're always free to ask me anything.

And if I ever notice something in your newsletter that you should change or update—I'll let you know.

For all of that, $499 is a steal.

The power to ask me anything

Once you've worked with me, you're on my "newsletter watchlist." I keep an eye on your newsletter, and let you know (free of cost) if I ever have any suggestions to improve it. You're also free to ask any additional questions, anytime.

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